The Green Idea Bank

We believe that going green shouldn't be intimidating and we want to rally the CapitaLand’s Workspace community to build our very own idea bank of green possibilities.

Check out some of the green ideas below!

Reducing food waste with batch cooking!

Theme: Food

I love planning for meals a week in advance as it allows me to stay organised and committed to eating well. I live alone and cooking for one can be hard. Sometimes, the groceries expire and I had to throw them away.

I now practice batch cooking after realising how much food waste I have been generating! Plan your meals ahead of time, and be smart on grocery shopping such as choosing ingredients you can mix and match to get variety or the right quantity. Prepare your meals over the weekend to last you for the rest of the week - store them in the freezer and simply heat up when you're ready to dig in!

Unplug to save energy! 

Theme: Household

My utilities bill has gone up ever since I started of working from home. This pushed me to start adopting green habits which helped me to manage my electricity consumption whilst still remaining productive for work.

I came to know that electronic devices consume electricity even when they are not in use as long as your adaptor remains plugged in! I since practiced switching off and unplugging electronic devices that are on standby or not in use.

Try doing so with your frequently-used devices such as laptop and phone. More often than not, people tend to keep it plugged in out of habit! 

Also, try to use natural lighting whenever possible during the day! I'd usually set up my workstation near the windows to avoid having to switch on the lights unnessarily.

Upcyling of unused and unwanted items!

Theme: Recycling/Reusing/Upcycling 

I recently recycled a used and unwanted cookie container and turned it into a light display! It is now a mini lamp in my bedroom.

If you have containers accumulated from the yummy cookies from the festive seasons, don't throw it away! Try upcycling and putting them into good use. You can also consider drawing/painting these upcycled containers to match your home decoration.

This DIY table lamp works with wine bottles as well!

Bonus: I also recently upcycled an unwanted shoe box by turning it into a cable organiser storage container!

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