In recent times, companies have shown preference for flexible work spaces, as they provide better work flexibility, a stronger sense of community, greater personal productivity and the ability to foster innovative thinking and attract and retain talent.

In response to these changes, CapitaLand has launched its “office of the future” initiative, which integrates traditional office space (core) in its buildings with flexible space (flex). This “coreflex” model will create an ecosystem of workplace solutions that are agile, innovative, community-driven and enabled by technology, providing additional value to all tenants. This means that conventional office tenants that require flexible working arrangements will have those needs met, while small- to medium sized companies currently in flexible spaces will have the option to lease conventional workspaces as they expand. For a start, Capital Tower and Asia Square Tower 2 will be the first to offer tenants this model. 

Collaboration with The Work Project

To effectively operate the new flexible spaces and tap the growing pool of companies that desire such options, CapitaLand has invested $27 million for a 50 per cent stake in co-working space operator The Work Project.

Together, the flexible spaces at Capital Tower and Asia Square Tower 2, as well as The Work Project’s current offices in Singapore and Hong Kong will make up 177,000 sq ft of flexible space available to tenants. Outfitting works at Capital Tower and Asia Square Tower 2 have begun and are slated to be completed in early 2019. Besides co-working areas, the new spaces will comprise first-rate meeting facilities and services, as well as a members-only club that boasts sophisticated, top-of-the-range facilities and food service. 

Innovation suites, members-only club and more

So, what can tenants look forward to with CapitaLand’s new office of the future plan? You can: 

1. Use the flexible space options to complement your existing office space

Tap on CapitaLand’s solutions, including co-working spaces and project rooms, for short-term space needs or temporary projects when you need them.

“Find the most inspiring collaboration space, when collaboration is required. Or, find the most effective private work space, when you need to put your head down and focus. We call this philosophy ‘Think Design’, and it means we regard activity-based work as an essential element of modern-day work,” said Mr Junny Lee, founder and CEO of The Work Project.

He added, “The future of work is about freedom – freedom to choose your most effective way of getting a task done.” This freedom accorded by the new flexible options can also help corporations of all sizes lower costs and maximise efficiency, especially when they need to scale up or down quickly. 

Tenants can have a break in style at the chic pantry in Capital Tower’s new co-working space

2. Brainstorm with your team in the new innovation suites and project rooms

These are ideation and collaboration spaces you can use when you need a private place to get together with your team-mates to work on mid-term projects, foster innovation, test new product prototypes or if you have a meeting or workshop to host.

At Capital Tower, there are over 10 innovation suites that will be managed and operated by The Work Project, which can accommodate between eight and 100 people. The suites, which are designed by M Moser in collaboration with Steelcase, offer a holistic meeting experience, providing food and beverage as well as other hosting solutions. 

3. Build your networks in style

Enjoy first-class service at a premium, members-only club at Capital Tower, where you can network and socialise with business partners and colleagues. Designed by the prize-winning Hassell Design Studio, the club houses top-notch meeting facilities, all elegantly decked out in the finest, custom-made Italian and French furniture. Expect the finest food and cocktails here. 

4. Enjoy varied lifestyle options

Unwind and catch a movie after work or on weekends at the first cinema in the CBD – Big Picture. What used to be the STI Auditorium on Level 9 of Capital Tower has been refurbished to serve dual purposes – an auditorium by day and movie theatre by night. The cinema, which opens in January, will be operated by Salt Media & Entertainment, known for screening films with inspirational media content, and whose upcoming movies include Storm Boy, Stano and The Very Excellent Mr Dundee.

Level 9 of Capital Tower will also house multipurpose spaces, which are available for hire for fireside chats, seminars, networking sessions, and a wellness area for relaxation. 

Big Picture is an auditorium by day and movie theatre by night.
CapitaStar@Work is the mobile application enabling office communities of CapitaLand Commercial to connect with each other and their workplace.

5. Connect with the CCT community

CapitaLand is also piloting CapitaStar@Work, a mobile application that lets you connect with other tenants, sign up for activities that are going on in your building and, in time to come, book meeting rooms, innovation suites and other flexible spaces.

Have a specific business need you want a quick solution for? Simply reach out to the CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) community by posting on the social wall. Looking for people to start a new hobby with? Check out the interest groups in the app to find like-minded friends. 

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