Delectable by design

Clean lines and lush greenery are a main feature at Da Paolo’s freshly redecorated café at Six Battery Road

Walking into Da Paolo’s newly revamped Gastronomia outlet on the ground floor of CapitaLand Commercial Trust’s (CCT) Six Battery Road will instantly put you at ease. Comfortable leather seats complement light wooden tables, while overhead lamps softly illuminate the space, which is set against a lush green wall feature that overlooks the entire café and lobby area.

To update its appearance, the eatery recently underwent a brief refurbishment at the beginning of the year. “We have a standard look for all our outlets that this particular one did not have, and we felt it was time for a change,” said Francesca Scarpa, director of Da Paolo Group.

Francesca is the daughter of Paolo and Judie Scarpa, the husband-and-wife team behind the gourmet deli and restaurant chain, which opened its first eatery, a trattoria in Tanjong Pagar, in 1989. Since then, Da Paolo has been sharing its wholesome, authentic Italian food with Singaporeans through eateries around the island. Gastronomia at Six Battery Road opened in 2011.

A brighter and more open space

True to its Italian roots, the redesigned space at Six Battery Road incorporates classic, simple and neutral colours, because “it is the food that must stand out,” Scarpa said. “Modern Italian design is usually very clean, very universal. We really feel this space is quite a special one.”

Among the features that were changed were the tables and chairs, which were replaced to offer diners the option of sitting at high tables or regular ones. Communal tables were added to cater to solo diners and larger groups, while overhead lamps were installed to improve the café’s lighting and ambience.

To better integrate with the Rainforest Rhapsody green wall that forms a grand backdrop to the lobby, potted plants were also introduced at various corners in the café. But more importantly, the overall flow of the café was improved, making food items at the refrigerated deli cases more accessible to patrons.

A display table near the entrance to the café was also added. “We worked to create better operational flow and better atmosphere, so we can provide better service,” said Scarpa.

“None of our other outlets has this gorgeous view, and I think this is what makes it stand apart”

Meanwhile, at the outdoor dining area, additional seats, a communal table, potted plants and a large ceiling fan were added to draw patrons there to take in the views of the Singapore River and enjoy the cool breeze while dining.

Beyond standardising its look with Da Paolo’s other outlets, the revamp has made the Six Battery Road café a lot more open, comfortable, bright and lively, to encourage guests to sit at length and eat at leisure. “None of our other outlets has this gorgeous view, and I think this is what makes it stand apart,” said Scarpa.

And as a testament to CCT’s good relationship with the restaurant chain, the lobby’s seating area will soon be refurnished to complement the café’s new look.

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