Stefanie Yuen-Thio,
Joint Managing Partner at TSMP Law Corporation at Six Battery Road, shares some wisdom behind the success of the 20-year-old boutique law firm and explains what she loves about her job.


“My personal motto is ‘Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.’”

1. I love the fact that every day is a different day in a law firm. I do not have any ‘secrets’ to keep me going, but tackling a new problem, helping people and working with an awesome team – these get me out of bed in the morning.


2. I encourage my associates to take ownership of their legal careers, which includes their own time management. When we hire, we tell our lawyers that we’re hiring them to be partners. It’s an empowering message and one that we mean.


3. The best thing about working at TSMP is the people. I work with some of the best people; they are dynamic, creative and committed to their work.


4. TSMP was a legal startup before startups were sexy. Being named ‘Boutique Law Firm of the Year’ by Asian Legal Business came as great validation for us.


5. I am proud that we were an early mover in “hands-on” community service. When I get a letter from a kid from a high-risk home thanking us for helping him, or an email from a university student saying she wouldn’t have been able to get through law school without our bursary – those are the moments I am most proud of.

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