Christopher Muffat, founder and CEO of artificial intelligence (AI) and data protection startup Dathena, shares why he’s passionate about what he does.

Photo: Dathena

“The most exciting thing about what I do is that I’m building a blitz-scaling company.”

1. We believe in designing, building and implementing in a faster, bigger, stronger way. Our pace of work and change is so fast that you can never get bored.

2. As founder and CEO, I see myself as a coach and advisor: I support my team and show them that they are valued members of the company, and do my best to provide regular feedback and recognition on how they deliver their objectives.

3. We give our people a sense of purpose — we are building and selling a solution for a very complex data protection problem, and we are pioneering AI to achieve our vision of a more secure world.

4. Being an entrepreneur is like being a tightrope walker — you’re always on the edge. It can be scary, but it’s also very rewarding when you think about all the things you have accomplished. Over time, you also become more confident in yourself.

5. To me, leadership means empowering and investing in people, manifesting loyalty and leading by example through transparent communication.

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