The demands of modern workers are changing. No longer is the office simply a place where they clock in hours at work, but increasingly, employees want something a little extra. Given the amount of time spent in offices — a Ministry of Manpower survey showed Singaporeans spent an average of 45.8 hours at work in 2018 — workers have in recent years demanded not just more amenities, but a meaningful experience at work and play that is made possible by a vibrant, connected community.

For businesses, having that community not only builds staff engagement and social cohesion, but also boosts worker productivity and talent retention. “A vibrant community makes the workplace attractive and effective for employees. They put in their best work when they are engaged and happy,” said Mr Kevin Chee, Chief Executive Officer of CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) Management Limited. 

To meet these needs, CapitaLand has designated building a vibrant workplace community a key pillar of its Office of the Future initiative. On the cards are a raft of tenant engagement programmes and community events, all lined up to take place throughout the year. These events aim to “create a sense of belonging and community among tenants, as well as a delightful experience during their tenancy at CapitaLand properties”, said Mr Chee. So, how does the Office of the Future initiative create this dynamic, close-knit community, and what can tenants expect in the coming months? They can:

"A vibrant community makes the workplace attractive and effective for employees. They put in their best work when they are engaged and happy."

1. Participate in activities catered to their areas of interest

There’s a slew of activities, including signature events like the annual CCT Gifts of Joy, which brings tenants together to help the underprivileged. To unite tenants in support of the environment, CCT has a range of green initiatives, including the E-Waste Collection and Management to help them recycle unwanted electronic devices such as laptops and printers. Tenants who are truly passionate about climate change can also participate in the annual Earth Hour by joining CapitaLand in powering down their indoor lighting on the occasion. 

Lunchtime workshops, like this art jamming session, are a great way for tenants to mingle and build connections
Tenants wrapping presents donated by other tenants to help the underprivileged as part of the annual CCT Gifts of Joy

And if keeping healthy is a priority but you do not like working out on your own, you can join in on the range of weekly workout events with fellow tenants, made possible by CapitaLand and the Health Promotion Board’s Healthy Workplace Ecosystem.

Other initiatives to encourage bonding, partnership and creativity include workshop sessions and talks by industry experts, as well as movie screenings and live performances for after-office-hours fun. CCT will also seek to create partnerships with tenants that may not have the resources to plan or implement activities — such as teambonding or volunteering events — on their own.

2. Create great ideas together

It’s not just about playing well together, but also working seamlessly as a team with your colleagues. To facilitate this, CapitaLand has created spaces where co-workers can congregate, interact, socialise and collaborate. These include flexible spaces on Level 9 of Capital Tower, which is home to a movie theatre, meeting rooms and a wellness hub. In addition, the new Innovation Hub, managed and run by coworking space operator The Work Project and located on Level 24 of Capital Tower, will bring you project rooms and breakout spaces where your team can gather to brainstorm and build your next novel concept.

For business leaders who wish to network in style, CapitaLand has, in conjunction with The Work Project, also launched the exclusive, members-only business club MARK, where tenants can host private events and book state-of-the-art private rooms for important meetings. 

Photo: The Work Project

3. Tap to connect to the CCT community

To further encourage community engagement, CCT has launched CapitaStar@Work, a mobile app designed to connect tenants. Piloted late last year at Capital Tower, the app is an easy way for users to find like-minded individuals who share in their interests, register for activities happening in their building, as well as book shared amenities and spaces. CapitaStar@Work will be rolled out progressively to other properties.

“The app is a great way for us to keep in touch with our building’s community and contact building management on questions and concerns,” said a user, Mr Tan Choon Tat of GIC, Capital Tower.

Contribute to create the community you want

How can tenants contribute to and participate in this vibrant, connected community? The easiest option is to subscribe to your M.I.X, a bi-monthly listing of the latest activities at CCT buildings. Companies may also share their upcoming activities here and invite other tenants to their events. By having the wider CCT community over for activities like a blood donation drive or a TGIF party in your office, you can better establish new connections and partnerships with fellow tenants.

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