Rob Bryson, Managing  Director at recruitment firm Robert Walters, Six Battery Road, shares his proudest achievement and guiding principles in leading a team.

Photo: Robert Walters

“I believe in fostering an environment where our people can thrive and grow.”

1.  One of the most rewarding parts of my journey so far is that I’m still in contact with the people I placed when they started their careers 20 years ago — many of whom are now heads of multinational businesses.

2. Recruitment is a very people-oriented business, whether it’s working with individuals who are growing and developing their careers, with clients to help them overcome talent issues they face, or with candidates looking for their next role.

3. My guiding belief as a leader is to help my employees learn and grow. This means providing the right tools, systems and training, helping to drive passion in everything we do, providing clarity of vision and goals, ensuring appealing career paths and nurturing an environment where we can have some fun along the way.

4. We have a very open, collaborative and supportive culture at Robert Walters. We frequently work together as a team to share information and ideas, be it within the Singapore office or with our other offices across the world.

5. My advice to firms looking to build a culture of employee engagement is to take an interest in your employees and their growth. Listen to them, give them regular feedback and celebrate their successes.

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