Tan Yen Yen, Asia-Pacific President for Vodafone Global Enterprise, Asia Square Tower 2, reveals how she juggles it all and how women can succeed in the workplace.  

Photo: Vodafone

“I believe it's important to set a positive example as a leader. This means giving my best in all I do.”

1. Trust is important in my workplace, and at Vodafone we build trust through open communication channels with employees, creating an inclusive environment where they feel motivated to share and contribute.

2. We believe in embracing everyone for who they are and empowering them to do their best, regardless of their position, gender, age, race or nationality.

3. As a woman leader, I feel one area women struggle in more than men is promoting their successes and missing their profile in the workplace. We need to be more confident and let our achievements be known.

4. I believe there is a time for everything in life, and one must decide what his priorities are at any given point. One way I juggled my family and career goals was to move from an Asia-Pacific to an ASEAN/Singapore role in my career, so I would travel less and have more time with my children, yet give fully in my job.

5. Work-life balance is important, and I believe in playing hard as much as working hard. I like to be involved with my staff and often join them on various activities outside the office, like triathlons, hikes and more.

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