Located on Level 9 at Capital Tower, PepperMinted brings its broad range of wellness services to busy office workers, from massages to facials and more. We find out what holistic living means to this wellness chain, and why we should make their treatments a regular habit.

What is PepperMinted’s philosophy when it comes to health and wellness?

We believe everyone deserves to feel good and have great quality of life. Our lives are often very busy and too frequently, we prioritise work and other commitments above taking good care of ourselves — to the point that we burn out and get sick.

That’s why we’ve brought our premium health and wellness services to Capital Tower, to help office workers save precious time spent travelling and searching for quality treatments. We believe health and wellness should be available to all and built into our way of life, so we feel great, energised and ready to tackle whatever challenges that may come our way.

How do your offerings support your vision?

We recognise that for office workers, making time for self-care can be a challenge. Hence, we offer “window treatments” that are accessible during lunch hour or when workers need a quick 15-minute break. These express treatments allow them to squeeze in some quality me-time to improve their mental and physical well-being when time is short.

What are some common wellness issues and challenges that office workers face, and how can PepperMinted help them?

Sitting for long periods of time in the office has resulted in lower back pains, “computer neck syndrome”, muscle degeneration and even organ and spinal disk damage in many of us. Our sedentary lifestyles are also linked to a number of chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and various heart diseases. Whether you exercise or not, sitting as much as we do has a number of undesirable outcomes.

Having a regular massage can go a long way in eliminating the stresses on our back and neck. Studies have also shown that the benefits of having shorter but frequent massages far outweigh those from longer and infrequent ones.

What are your most popular treatments?

Our clients love our chair massages, express facials and nail services, as these services are quick enough for them to squeeze in during lunch hour. Our chair massages start from 15 minutes, which is really all that’s needed for our customers to feel better and more energised to tackle the tasks ahead of them. 

Meanwhile, our express facials take just 20 minutes. These treatments are non-invasive, the results cumulative and customers can usually see a difference in their complexion after their first treatment. Our nail treatments are perfect for women who want a quick treat — fabulous nails as a reward for their efforts at work. We carry gel nail polishes, non-toxic and organic nail polishes, which are safe for pregnant ladies, as well as a wide selection of colours.

What sets PepperMinted apart from other spas or wellness centres in Singapore?

We see wellness as non-negotiable. Holistic living and wellness require a lifestyle change, but we believe it is achievable by all. In order to live healthy, quality lives, we need to start making lifestyle changes now. Every move to wellness helps stop the damage we do to our bodies and contributes to our well-being.

What more can clients and readers expect in the coming months?

Office workers in and around Capital Tower can look forward to services such as eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions and makeovers — with the use of the best quality products you can find around the world, of course! 

PepperMinted opens for business in late September at Capital Tower, on Level 9. Opening hours are from 11am to 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 2pm on weekends. Visit pepperminted.com.sg to find out more.

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