Facial recognition comes to
Capital Tower

Say goodbye to building access cards — tenants at Capital Tower can expect a faster and hassle-free entry into the building, with its newly launched facial recognition system.

Following the system’s successful pilot in December, Capital Tower has introduced its contactless, biometric access control system at entry points. By eliminating the need to fumble for access cards, entering the building is now more convenient and much faster. What’s more, since building access cards can be misplaced or misused by someone else, doing away with them and relying on facial recognition means Capital Tower is now more secure, as one’s unique facial metadata cannot be replicated.

Tenants who tested the system in its pilot stage praised it for bringing convenience with the hands-free entry. “I appreciate the swift and touchless entry particularly when I’m entering the building with my hands full carrying my hot coffee,” shared Ms Ng Kok Phay of Ferring, Capital Tower.

Added Ms June Soon, who also works at Ferring, “Not only was it hassle-free, the new system has made it much faster to enter the building. I have yet to encounter a failed recognition.”

Official enrolment of facial metadata at Capital Tower began in January 2020, while plans are in place to roll out facial recognition at other CCT properties over time. If you are a Capital Tower tenant, you may register for facial recognition entry by contacting your office manager or emailing the Tenant Service Centre at custsvc-ct@capitaland.com