Ameising Hikaru

Hikaru - Meaning Light/shine in Japanese, will be making its appearance in Asia Square. The Founders of Ameising Bar & Dining @ Hong Leong Building is set on a brand new venture following the success of their first CBD outlet under the Ameising Brand Name.  

Ameising Hikaru's outlet features a cozy Izakaya concept with an easy-going outdoor Alfresco tucked within the bustling Asia Square CBD crowd.  

Being the light and life of the party, Hikaru serves delicious meals be it at lunch or dinner time. Featuring a full display of the Macallan Bar, you can expect a stocked Whisky Collection, some Wines and Sake, and also a premium alcohol collection. 

Whether it's lunch with colleagues, drinks to catch up with friends, or Business meetings, Ameising Hikaru has got all occasions covered. 

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