Contact Tracing for Employees and Guests via CapitaStar@Work 

With this on CapitaStar@Work, our office mobile application, you can enhance contact tracing, of your colleagues and guests, who have checked in at the various spaces within your premises (e.g. meeting rooms).

Access to data

✓ Data is captured, analysed, visualised and shared with you for easy retrieval and reference

Granularity of data captured

✓ Data captured includes the meeting room location, meeting participants’ details (incl guests’), date and time, duration of meeting, etc

Easy submission of details

✓ Only the meeting host needs to scan the QR codes to check in/out

✓ Details of the meeting room location, participants’ details (incl guests), date and time, will be auto populated (through?) CapitaStar@Work

If you wish to find out more about this service, please contact Stephanie Dinh at or your building’s Tenant Service Centre.