Cedele #ShareTheLoaves at Cedele

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07 Mar - 20 Mar
Share a loaf of bread with your neighbors, friends or a loved one and enjoy special savings with a bundle deal of $12 (U.P. $16) for two loaves of Happy Chocolate Sourdough.

The new Happy Chocolate Sourdough is naturally leavened with Cedele’s homegrown 25-year-old wild yeast starter and studded with chocolate chips. The sourdough undergoes a long fermentation process which enables nutrients within the sourdough to become easier to be absorbed by the body. Designed by Cedele’s research and development team, it is inspired by the fact that chocolate boosts our moods which is perfect for International Happiness Day—a day to be happy!

The bundle comes with an option to choose the “Let’s Unpack This” card game which aids in identifying your deep-seated beliefs by showing you how they affect your relationships and thoughts. Through this game, it enables an individual to be more conscious of oneself—a prerequisite in the pursuit of happiness.

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