CHAFFIC CHAFFIC - Mid-Autumn Special Osmanthus Series

Deal Details

16 Sep - 08 Oct
For this Mid-Autumn season, we are happy to introduce a new Osmanthus Series to our stores. This series will include 2 brand new drinks with Osmanthus tea leaves to produce a refreshing, floral, and unique experience for our dear customers to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Season. 

One of these drinks is our Osmanthus Tea Latte, which combines the earthy and fruity notes of Osmanthus and our Signature Red Robe Tea to create the best of both worlds. We will also provide a healthy, clean, and soothing experience through our Osmanthus Honey Lemon option. These drinks will also be paired with our Big Red Robe Tea Jelly for added texture and aroma. In addition to our exciting new Osmanthus series, we have a special treat for our valued customers. With every purchase from this series, we are delighted to offer a complimentary moon carrier, making your CHAFFIC experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

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