Boost Juice Bars Choc Full Of Goodness

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01 Jul - 31 Jul
🍫✨ Ever wondered how the richness of chocolate and the freshness of fruits would taste together?

The new “Choc Full of Goodness” smoothies offer the ultimate indulgence – the rich, velvety taste of chocolate perfectly entwined with the fresh, nutritious allure of fruits. It's a match made in smoothie heaven!

Introducing your new favs:
🍪🥭Cookie Mango Choc
Mango, cookies, chocolate, coconut milk, low-fat milk or soy milk, and vanilla yoghurt. It’s like a tropical vacation with an indulgent twist!

🍌Bluenana Choc
Blueberries, banana, chocolate, low-fat milk or soy milk, and strawberry yoghurt. It’s the ultimate berry-banana combo with a chocolatey touch!
🍓🥥Strawberry Choc
Strawberries and chocolate, with coconut water, coconut milk, and vanilla yoghurt. It’s a classic you can't resist!

Treat yourself to a “Choc Full of Goodness” smoothie today!

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