Big Fish Small Fish First Ever Mala Fish & Chips!

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28 Sep - 31 Dec
Your favourite ‘Mala’ Hotshots are here!
Introducing the 1st ever ‘Fiery Mala Fish & Chips’
to fire up your Mala cravings.

Choose from the tantalising Mala Sea Bass & Crisps
and Mala Chicken & Crisps drizzled with Mala Sauce,
topped with crunchy peanuts served with potato
crisps and corn. An additional portion of creamy Mala
dip, served on the side to give the robust oomph to
the meal. You may also select the sizzling pan grilled
boneless thigh Mala Grilled Chicken or Mala Grilled
Sea Bass that is drizzled with Mala Sauce topped
with crunchy peanuts served with flavoured rice
and potato crisps. A matching portion of sauteed
vegetables are served together to balance
your meal.

We have selected Sea Bass, a fish well known and
favoured in our local recipes, a bestselling fish second
only to Dory here. The buttery and mildly sweet
profile of the fish is an excellent complement to
the fiery Mala flavour. We have also included Mala
Shaker Fries or Crisps using our skin-on french fries
and freshly sliced potato crisps for a snack or add-on
to your meal.

Enough said go ahead and satisfy your burning Mala
appetite now.

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