LAMY LAMY Pokémon Special Edition Set Promotion

Deal Details

17 Nov - 31 Dec
What…FREE 1x safari candy fountain pen with safari Pokémon special edition purchase?! That’s what we call a duplex delight 💛. Make sure to grab this awesome deal at our outlets.
  • Terms & Conditions
    • Promotion valid from 11th November until 31st December 2021. 
    • Purchase 1x Pokémon set and receive 1x FOC LAMY safari Special Edition 2020 candy FP 
    • GWP only applies to LAMY safari Special Edition 2020 candy FP (mango, violet, aquamarine; EF, F, M) 
    • RSP of LAMY Pokémon set: $130.00 each 
    • RSP of LAMY safari Fountain pen: $49.00 each 
    • Availability of colours and nib sizes are on whilst stocks last basis

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