Receive up to 1,000,000 STAR$® with INFINITI

Deal Details

15 Mar - 31 May
Enjoy 25,000 STAR$® for a test drive on the New INFINITI Q50. 

Enjoy 1,000,000 STAR$® for purchase of the New INFINITI Q50. 

For more details, visit or call 6430 4840. 

*Terms and conditions apply. 

  • Terms & Conditions
    1. Promotion Period is valid from 15 March – 31 May 2018. 

    2. Promotion is valid only for the New INFINITI Q50. Promotion is not valid for existing INFINITI customers. 

    3. For test drive of the New INFINITI Q50 at INFINITI Gallery, 25,000 STAR$® will be awarded for a valid CapitaStar member upon completion of test drive. For purchase of the New INFINITI Q50 at INFINITI Gallery, 1,000,000 STAR$® will be awarded to a valid CapitaStar member. 

    4. To earn STAR$®, you must be a valid CapitaStar member registered with CapitaStar program. 

    5. Test drive at INFINITI Gallery is only valid for one-time STAR$® awarding per CapitaStar member during the Promotion Period. Multiple test drives per CapitaStar member will not be valid for multiple STAR$® awarding during the Promotion Period. 

    6. Upon completion of test drive, an email will be sent to the valid CapitaStar member with the Reward Code to receive the STAR$. 

    7. Upon completion to the delivery of the car purchase, STAR$® will be credited to the valid CapitaStar member’s account in 8 weeks’ time. 

    8. CapitaStar Pte Ltd and Wearnes Automotive Pte Ltd reserve the right to change the promotion mechanics, terms and conditions without prior notice.

    9. CapitaStar Pte Ltd and Wearnes Automoative Pte Ltd will be kept fully indemnified against all claims, actions and proceedings, losses, charges and any other liabilities of whatsoever nature or description suffered by the CapitaStar member including any enforcement actions, fines or penalties imposed by any relevant authorities, arising from or otherwise in connection with the Promotion or CapitaStar member’s breach of the Terms and Conditions.

    10. CapitaStar’s other terms and conditions apply.  

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