Swensen's Swensen's - Cereal-ously Shiok!

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09 Jul - 09 Sep

Cereal Prawn Baked Rice (Price before GST = $15.90)

  • Savor a local twist that warms hearts and souls! 
  • Four succulent prawns nestled in a bed of savory mixed rice, smothered in shrimp béchamel sauce and topped with melted cheeses. 
  • Finished with signature wok-fried cereal, curry leaves, and chili padi. 
Cereal King Prawn Aglio Olio (Price before GST = $16.90)

  • Spice up your pasta game this SG59! 
  • Two juicy king prawns wok-fried with aromatic cereal, curry leaves, and chili padi, tossed with spaghetti aglio e olio. 
  • It's ‘shiok’ to the max with every bite of garlic and oil goodness!

Cereal Chic Pizza (Price before GST = $17.90)

  • Best shared with your kakis. 
  • A 9” crispy crust loaded with chicken leg bites, mixed cheeses, and a generous sprinkle of wok-fried cereal, curry leaves, and chili padi. 
  • One bite and you’ll all be saying, ‘Sedap, lah!’.

Cereal Chick Crunch (5pcs) [Price before GST = $17.90]

  • Crunch your way through!
  • Five juicy boneless chicken leg bites coated in a crispy cereal crust, wok-fried with curry leaves and chili padi.
  • Perfect for munching or as an add on to any mains.
Cereal Mayo Fries (Price before GST = $10.90)

  • An icon within an icon. 
  • Crispy Swensen’s fries topped with creamy mayo and showered with buttery-sweet cereal crumbs that are wok-fried with curry leaves to perfection. 

Cereal Killer (Price before GST = $2.00)

  • Top up for extra ‘shiokness’ of the pure wok-fried cereal, infused with aromatic curry leaves and chili padi goodness in a ramekin bowl.
  • More cereal means more flavor and crunch in every bite! 
  • Ala carte and for all dishes top up modifiers

Cereal Ice Cream with Mochi Waffle (Price before GST = $10.90)

  • Bringing you home with the fusion of old and new Singapore favorites.
  • A chewy mochi waffle base topped with a generous scoop of creamy cereal ice cream, finished with a touch of nostalgic condensed milk.
  • Sprinkled with wok-fried cereal for that extra crunch and adorned with a Swensen’s wafer.
  • Dine-in special with any SG59 mains, Price = $5.90

Cereal 'Nugget' Ice Cream (6pcs/9pcs/12pcs) [Price before GST = $8.44/ $11.83/ $15.50]

  • Treat yourself to some cereal-ously good ‘Nugget’ ice cream.
  • Shaped and resembling real nuggets, these crunchy bites feature cereal-flavored ice cream inside each crispy exterior, encapsulating a milky and nostalgic flavor reminiscent of a beloved childhood breakfast drink.
  • Coated in a crispy cereal crust infused with aromatic curry leaves, this addictive treat promises an experience unlike anything you've ever seen before!

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