Swensen's Swensen's Christmas Log Cakes from $19.80

Deal Details

30 Nov - 31 Dec
Jolly Buttercup (300 grams)- $19.80
A Christmas - exclusive ice cream flavor - rich, creamy Malted Peanut Buttercup in a log to shower loved ones with well wishes.

Sticky Chewy Log (300 grams) - $19.80 
A mini Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream log cake, coated in chocolate ganache makes the perfect gift this season.

Let It Snow (500 grams) - $42.00
For celebrating a white Christmas, Let it Snow is a beautiful creation of Cookies 'N' Cream ice cream, topped with snowy white swirls, peaks and candy snowflakes.

Midnight Yule (500 grams) - $42.00
The Midnight Yule in Dark Chocolate ice cream. Psst. We hear Christmas elves fell this tree in the dark of night, so they can enjoy this treat undisturbed. We surely would too!

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