Blackheads begone!

Ah, blackheads: when these dark spots start dotting your skin, you know it’s time for a deep cleanse. Freckles might be in fashion, but blackheads never will be — in fact, they’re one of the most common forms of acne. That’s right, these harmless-looking black spots are actually a cousin of the fierce red pustules that pop up on many an unsuspecting teenager’s face. Apart from facial blackheads, which is the type that most are accustomed to seeing, they can pop up on the back, chest, neck, arms, and shoulders too.

It’s important to keep in mind that blackheads are totally normal and a part of everyday skin woes. They’re formed when a plug (or clog, depending on the doctor) develops in the opening of a pore or hair follicle. These plugs are typically comprised of dead skin cells and oil. Contrary to popular belief, this oil is actually beneficial to our skin in appropriate amounts — it’s known as sebum and helps keep out skin soft. However, if our skin produces too much of it, the buildup in pores eventually forms plugs. 

Remember: as satisfying as picking or squeezing blackheads may be, this approach could potentially worsen the condition of your skin! Using products that are exfoliative or keratolytic (peeling agents in layman terms) can help dissolve the plug without squeezing. However, most approaches don’t last forever, because our skin goes on producing sebum whether it gets removed or not. For long-lasting effects, it’s recommended to keep up the treatments to see results. Check out these treatments below for an alternative approach that’ll leave your skin feeling fresh!


Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

If you’re a conscious shopper who loves buying products that are cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly, the Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish is the perfect scrub for you. It’s a premium facial scrub made with black sugar, which aids in the removal of dead skin cells and blackheads while exfoliating dry skin with ease, giving your skin a smooth and glossy look!

Plus, black sugar’s anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties help treat dry, flaky skin. Other ingredients include natural moisturisers such as shea butter, cranberry oil, vitamins A & E, leaving your skin silky smooth with some sweet sugared lovin’.


My Clarins CLEAR-OUT Blackhead Expert

For those who consider masks an essential part of a skincare routine, this Blackhead Expert mask by fan favourite beauty brand Clarins is a 2-in-1 purifying mask and exfoliating stick, and (to the joy of eco-conscious skincare fans) utilises a vegan recipe, and is free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates.

Its list of natural plant-based ingredients includes Organic Moringa extract, Bamboo powder, and Green Clay to help absorb excess oil, eliminate shine, and detoxify for visibly clean, clear, healthy-looking skin. However, that’s not all — the tip of the tube contains a unique stick packed with natural grains and sunflower wax that targets blackheads and gently exfoliates to erase impurities. With added Strawberry Tree extract helps minimise pores, reduce oil production, and mattify the skin.

For the second step, beneath the exfoliating stick lies a tube containing a creamy, refreshing mask infused with Tamarind Fruit Acids and Organic Meadowsweet extract to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells and purify the skin. All you have to do is leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse it off to reveal soft and healthy skin!


Alcheme Clear & Mattify {me}

Do you feel that most skincare products tend to cater to frosty northern climates with dry wind? Look no further than alche{me}, a homegrown brand with products that takes our hot and humid climate into account!

This particular serum aims to reduce blemishes on acne-prone skin and control sebum production by promoting skin cell growth and reducing hyperpigmentation! Users have reported that this alche{me} serum visibly reduces fine lines and deeply hydrates for a smoother looking skin while tightening pores, which protects the skin from environmental damage. Plus, the formula penetrates skin quickly without leaving a greasy feel — perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Its statistics are impressive too! Carefully formulated with Iris Root Extract, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) and Babchi Seeds, this formula has been proven to reduce black and whiteheads by 22%, red spots and pimples by 26%, dilated pores by 17%, and has also shown to improve matte finishes by 23% after just 28 days of usage.


Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

Most know Cosrx as that one brand with the miracle pimple-busting patches, but their range of skincare products deserves a second look too. Their Blackhead Power Liquid is formulated specifically to tackle congested pores, with a formula that effectively penetrates the skin and cleans up clogged pores before rebuilding its moisture shield. Plus, it’s relatively easy to use — just pump the essence onto a cotton pad and gently wipe one’s face, avoiding the lip and eye area.

Reviewers rave about this liquid’s clear, watery texture, and various comments mention how the scent-free formula leaves their skin feeling clean without any tightness. 



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