Travel light with our favourite crossbody bags of the season!

It’s time to hit the town with all your favourite friends in tow! However, if you have difficulty travelling light, you’re not the only one. Plenty of people overpack for a simple outing — no, you won’t need a pocket calculator, notebook, or laptop charger when you’re just having lunch and dessert with your pals. And put that spare sweater down! It won’t be that cold.

The tendency to overpack isn’t helped by the size of your bag, either! If you’re headed out with a spacious tote bag, you’re going to be way more tempted to fill it up with unnecessary things as compared to, say, a small bucket bag.

To help you streamline your going-out bag, the best advice is to simply think small and handsfree. Crossbody bags are fashionable, versatile, and most importantly, the perfect size for travelling light. The bare essentials will fit in them with ease – think phone, earbuds, wallet, keys, travel card and favourite lipgloss. Plus, if you get the right bag(s), these babies will match any outfit while still being small enough to sling out of the way when/if you gotta get down on the dancefloor.

Update your bag collection and travel light with these cute crossbody bags!


Rusty, rustic, ruched

A feature that your new staple crossbody bag should sport is an adjustable strap. It’s a deceptively simple feature that sets a bag apart from the rest – the ability to lengthen or shorten the shoulder strap to suit your needs can mean the difference between liking the bag (admiring it in-store but ultimately leaving it behind) and loving it (marching over to the cashier with the bag in hand).

This Ruched Crossbody Bag by Urban Revivo sports the aforementioned adjustable strap and comes in white, black, and burnt orange: three cute shades that’ll go with any outfit you have planned! Getting one in each colour would be the safest bet, but the bag in burnt orange looks like a surefire winner. Plus, keep the bag closed and your belongings safe with its handy turn-lock closure.


Three pocketfuls of sunshine

If you’re both a) fidgety and b) someone who owns lots of clothing without pockets, the Estelle Half Moon by The Sophia Label was made with you in mind. The main draw for this cute crossbody bag is the fact that it has a front, inner, and back pocket! That’s three compartments packed into a tiny purse, which works especially well for those who feverishly compartmentalise their belongings in the name of neatness and organisational skills. You can slide your EZ-Link card into the back pocket, your phone in the front, and keep your cash in the middle for some grade-A compartmentalisation.

Still unconvinced? This discreet little bag comes in six muted colours that’ll complement anything you have in your wardrobe.


Date Night Thursday

Eye-catching print meets utilitarian design in the Misty M Small by Braun Buffel. If you’ve got places to be and people to impress, this crossbody bag checks off all the boxes. With the signature Braun Buffel twist lock and harmonious marriage of nylon with calf leather accents inspired by camouflage print, this bag will be sure to wow those in the know! Its braided leather handles also make carrying this bag a lightweight affair.

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