Scent-sational: Ensure your perfume stays on

Spritz, spritz! Who doesn’t feel more lady-like after a good spritz of perfume? While smelling good is a basic hygiene principle, there’s something undeniably FAB about wearing a scent that complements your personality and lifts your confidence.

With Singapore’s heat and humidity, however, it may be quite a challenge to keep your favourite fragrance on for the whole day. To ensure that you (and everybody else) continuously get a whiff of your fresh scent from day to night, here are some pro-tips!


After shower is the best time to spritz your favourite perfume – with your open pores and moist skin, it will be absorbed much better. Take the lasting power further by priming your skin with an oil-based lotion (either unscented or with a mild complementary scent) that will lock in the fragrance. Applying petroleum jelly or balm on more exposed areas of your body before spritzing also gives the same results.


We all know someone who, when they walk past you, just smells sooo good. The secret is not dousing yourself with perfume every two hours. It is to know your pulse points. Spraying your perfume on these areas will diffuse fragrance more evenly throughout your body, giving those around you a nice and pleasant (rather than an overpowering) whiff within close proximity.

  • Wrists
  • Inside the elbows
  • Chest
  • Neck

Behind the knees Spraying perfume strategically also means that you do it both on your bare skin and clothes. By spraying directly onto your skin, you let the perfume mix with your body’s natural oils, creating a unique blend. Topping it off on your clothes give it a nice complementary layer that will last longer throughout the day.


Everybody has seen it in Hollywood movies: leading ladies putting expensive-looking perfumes on their wrists and gently rubbing it together. Well, hate to break it to you, but that’s just not effective. Rubbing perfume onto your skin (wrists or other parts) will create heat that will likely dissolve the scent faster. Instead, dab it gently and let it sink naturally into your skin.


If the above tips don’t satisfy your penchant for perfumes just yet (or if you’re just very conscious of smelling great), your hair is also a good area to focus on. But before you flip your head over and start spraying like crazy, hold up! Grab your hair brush and spritz your scent there instead! Perfumes often have alcohol that may be damaging to your hair in the long run, so indirectly applying it will give it a nice fresh scent without any risks.


Nothing can make your perfume’s scent last longer than taking good care of it. While it’s tempting to have the pretty bottle of your perfume on display, there is value in storing it in the box as it keeps it away from the heat of the sunlight that degrades oil quality. On the flip side, too much moisture and humidity may also cause breaking down the perfume concentration, so perhaps the bathroom (where there’s no direct sunlight) may not be your best bet either. A vanity table that’s away from the window and in a temperature-controlled room gives the ideal environment for your perfume to stay with you for as long as you want.


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