Go Big or Go Home: Power Shoulders are a Thing

Whoever said that ‘less is more’ must have been seriously stuck a few seasons back, because the maximalist trend is here to stay in 2019! Among the many iterations of this is the big, bold shoulder look – which slowly crept its way into recent runways, then influencers’ OOTDs, and now the nearest malls. Unlike its emergence in the 80’s, this generation’s version is less boxy and more feminine, embracing softer silhouettes than domineering structures.

Now there’s no reason to huff because we’re here to tell you all about the puff: check out some styles you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe.


Sometimes, adopting new trends is all about taking a basic piece and upgrading it. So, if you’re still unsure about this big and bold style, take a small step towards it with a simple top that has slight ruching by the shoulders. This is a subtle update to the trusty jeans-and-shirt combo, lending you a more ladylike vibe. This season, opt for pastel shades that make you look fresh despite the rising temperatures.

The Editor’s Market: Dani Pouf Sleeve Blouse


Puffed sleeves first emerged in the Victorian era, when the dresses were long and bulky, made of thick ornate fabrics. Luckily, the modern take is more tropics-friendly, usually made of soft fabric that gracefully accent shorter dresses in different cuts. Experiment with the length of the sleeve, from shoulder capped to full arm’s length. If you want vintage girly feels, try a peach-coloured piece that has elbow-length, ruched-detail sleeve.

Fayth: Crevice Babydoll Dress


The thing with statement pieces is that it’s all about balance. It’s important to get the right proportions in your entire outfit to ensure a more pulled-together look. Cropped tops with puffed sleeves are great because it’s easy to mix and match with different types of bottoms! This particular piece is cinched at the waist, so you can easily match it with an a-line skirt (mid-length is very hot right now) or even straight-cut jeans. To balance the big and bold shoulders, choose skirts or pants that are tighter by the waist and slightly flare out towards the bottom, which will give you an hourglass figure.

The Editor’s Market: Livya Pouf-Sleeve Crop Top


If you think trends like this are only suitable for weekend brunch attire – you’re mistaken! The classic blazer gets a makeover with an elevated shoulder, with a more angular than curvaceous shape. Again, it’s never about going crazy with the trend and flipping your style 180°. The power shoulder trend in particular is just about finding silhouettes that you know you already love and injecting some twist to it! Try one that is slightly oversized for an effortless contemporary get-up.

Fayth: Lyon Striped Boyfriend Blazer