It’s in the Jeans: New Jeans Styles 2019

From mom jeans to dad jeans – I think it’s safe to say we’re done raiding our parents’ closets (for now). One sashay through the streets and it’s easy to spot some of this year’s updated trends for everybody’s favourite staple, jeans. Coloured denims, modern silhouettes – we’re here to give you the low down on what to look out for in your next jeans purchase (no apple bottoms or boots with fur necessary).

Uniqlo: High Rise Wide Cropped Jeans


While the straight cut isn’t exactly a ground-breaking silhouette when it comes to jeans, it gets a modern refresh with cropped iterations. This pair of pants is best paired with a cool spaghetti top or a girly milkmaid top for that model-off-duty look. Petite girls just need to be more mindful with choosing your pair as this style might enhance your height (or lack thereof) – find ones that have a slightly higher cut and wear some cute block heels to give the illusion of length.

Mango: Premium Straight Jeans


Everybody loves blue denim – especially one that’s washed enough to look stylishly worn – but maybe that’s a problem. EVERYBODY loves it, which means EVERYBODY has it. If you’re not one to follow the crowd and stick to classics, opt for a fresh white or cream coloured pair of jeans. This seemingly minimal variation makes a big difference in pumping up your fashion quotient, especially when you don a matching light-coloured top. If you’re bold enough, wear head-to-toe whites for an ultra-chic look that makes it seem like you’re going for some fancy brunch or high tea.

Mango:Flared Jeans Flare


It’s really amusing how fashion is just one big cycle, because some FAB ladies reading this surely remember owning a pair of flared jeans when they were much younger and ditching them later on. Well, now the flared jeans trend is back and it’s lengthening legs all over the streets. This style is great at making you look tall and ready for the runway. Paired with a smart white shirt and some sensible heels, it gives you a timeless appeal. Matched with a distressed top featuring your favourite band and a pair of booties, it suddenly makes you Coachella ready. You know you can’t resist that versatility!

Giordano: Mid-Rise Slim Tapered Denim Jeans


Get FAB points when you score a pair of jeans with frayed hem! This gives off a more relaxed and bohemian vibe, perfect for lazy weekend afternoons. Grab your favourite light crochet top and put on a cool hat to complete the look! But make no mistake, this trend can also be upgraded from rugged to romantic when you put on a coloured blazer in this season’s most sought-after pastel shades of lilac and mint.