Special spotlight on sneakers

Once upon a time, women flitted about their homes and offices in high heels and t-bar pumps. However, there’s only so long one can be expected to bounce about on the balls of their feet without feeling fatigued. Enter the world of sneakers: the answer to all of life’s shoe-related problems. Plus, thanks to streetwear fads, sneaks in all their comfy glory have become universally accepted as appropriate footwear for most occasions.

Now, you can pair sneakers with almost everything. A dress? Yep! High-waisted jeans? Definitely! Low-waisted jeans? Okay, slow down, this isn’t the 2000’s and you’re not Avril Lavigne. But the correct answer is always an unequivocal yes. We’ve put together a list of our top sneak peeks (get it?) that’ll be perfect for going out in!


Art-school chic

Dying to channel that colourful Tumblr-inspired look? Already got your Classic Kanken backpack slung over your shoulder?

Take this aesthetic up a notch when you put on the Cherry Cola Bubble Hem Dress by Minor Miracles! With its puffy bubble hem and cute cross-back straps, this dress will endow you with instant art-school street cred. Any pair of sneakers will do, but the Daisy Sneakers by PrettyFIT seems particularly suited to this outfit. These classic sneakers were practically made for this outfit – strut through the streets on cloud nine with this colourful combination! Plus, add in this daring Resin Strap Wooden Frame Kiss Lock Handbag by Design & Comfort to really show the world that you know your stuff.


Formal, but make it fun

Are you a #BossBabe? Want to show people that you mean business while still looking good (and staying comfy in sneakers)? Look no further.

Let loose in the IROO Cape Blouse, which is perfect for you to gesture in thanks to its gorgeous airy sleeves. Punctuate a sentence with an airy wave of your hand to make a point! Plus, keep the focus on your upper body by pairing that top with the Scallop Pocket Skinny Formal Pants by Echo, with its discreet scallop detail on the pockets along with the Underspin Leather plimsoll by Fred Perry!

A plimsoll, for those who are curious, is just the British term for sneaker – it’s used to refer to any light rubber-soled canvas shoe. Round off the look with the Ring Detail Stitched Tote Bag by Design & Comfort to contrast its structure with your boxy top.

This combination will serve you well whether you’re kicking ass in a boardroom or going on a date in Orchard.


The perfect girl next door

How does one describe the style of the quintessential girl next door? Easy. Combine the comfortable oversized look sported by the average XMM with the girly chasteness of a churchgoing girl, and you’ve got it! The ideal girl next door is girly (of course) and down-to-earth, and her style is easy to emulate. Simply add a hint of femininity to your sneakers and you’re good to go!

The Ashleen Confetti Dress by Montifs makes a pretty pair with the Geox Women Shoes Sneaker D Nebula X. There’s something about drop-waist detail that helps pull the eye downward to a sporty look of the sneakers in that easy-to-pair coral. Its perforated sole and breathable membrane allow for natural temperature regulation, keeping your feet comfortable all day and sling the Patterned Handbag with Motif by Craft Jewellery onto your shoulder to complete the look.

Now that you know how to best showcase your sneakers, it’s time to pair them with these one-stop outfits for the week to make each day a fashion-forward one!