5 Nutritious Recipes with Spinach, the OG Superfood

Get set to go green! 

When it comes to hitting the daily recommended two servings of fruit and two servings of vegetables a day by Health Hub SG, most Singaporeans often find themselves missing the mark. This dietary shortfall is not something that should be overlooked. Vegetables and fruits add much-needed fibre into your diet which improves bowel movement. 

If there's one thing we learnt from watching cartoon since young, it'd be the fact that quaffing an entire can of spinach can help Popeye the Sailor Man double his muscle in size, making him stronger. While it's not entirely true, there are indeed amazing benefits of adding spinach into your daily diet.

Spinach is not only a nutrient-dense superfood but also one of the most versatile vegetables in the world that can feature in all sorts of dishes. Futhermore, it's easily available at any supermarket or wet market just around the corner from your house. 

Here are five nutritious recipes that’ll be sure to convert any spinach-hater into a fan of this iconic superfood!


Spinach and Garlic Omelette

If you’ve ever woken up exhausted after a long night of studying (or partying) with a hankering for a good solid breakfast, this is the recipe you’re after.

This low-calorie omelette is the perfect balanced meal to start off your day with. Add in a couple of slices of your favourite bread (sourdough is always a good option) and you’ll have a breakfast that brightens up the rest of your day.



Spinach Dip

Whether you’re planning on hosting a party post-circuit-breaker or just want a special dip to spice up snacking on chips solo, this spinach dip is perfect for every occasion. It’s rich, creamy-smooth and an absolute snap to make.

The perfect snack for this spinach dip? You can use Mexican corn chips if serving it as a dip, or spread it on toasted pita for a quick meal in the middle of a busy workday. However, if you’re feeling fancy, a nice crisp Riesling pairs perfectly with this spinach dip.




Sautéed spinach

Spinach doesn’t always have to be part of a bigger dish—it’s perfect all on its own, too. Sautéed spinach is one of those dishes that, once added to your repertoire, is a recipe you can trot out again and again, and count on it to always be as delicious as it was the first time you made it.

Here’s something to keep in mind, however: remember not to under-season it! Sprinkle a healthy dose of salt and grind some fresh black pepper onto the spinach to really make this dish shine.




Creamed Spinach Chicken

With dinner time's a-calling, it’s difficult for some to stay healthy with the wealth of food options Singapore has to offer. Resist the temptation to order in some Korean fried chicken and opt for this healthy, spinach-filled dish instead!

Here’s the kicker: by using skinless chicken breasts in this recipe, you can cut down on the dish’s total calorie count while still enjoying a meal packed full of flavour. However, the beauty of this recipe lies in its versatility. Customise it the way you like it - whether it's tossing in a handful of mushrooms, or swapping out the chicken breasts for thighs.



Spinach Soup

When all’s said and done, what people really crave at the end of the day is a good bowl of soup. This spinach soup has all the makings of a comfort meal, and if made with vegetable stock, can make a wonderful vegetarian option for meat-free friends if you’re hosting a dinner party.



Now, armed with these healthy spinach-filled recipes, you can go forth and conquer the world one meal at a time. While you're detoxing the insides with the OG superfood, take this time while staying home to get your skin glowing with our 6-step skin routine without breaking the bank.