Changing of Guards Ceremony

Event details

02 Oct - 03 Dec
A Platoon of Guards from the Singapore Armed Forces Military Police Command are specially selected and trained to perform sentry duty on a monthly rotation basis. The take-over by a new set of guards is signified by the Changing of Guards Ceremony which is held on the first Sunday evening of the month at Istana.

After the ceremony, you may visit Plaza Singapura Entrance (Oldham Lane) for a short photo opportunity with the guards.

Event Time: 5.45pm

Event Dates:
Every first Sunday of the month except Jul and Aug 
Sunday, 8 Jan 2023
Sunday, 5 Feb 2023
Sunday, 5 Mar 2023
Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Sunday, 7 May 2023
Sunday, 4 Jun 2023
Sunday, 3 Sep 2023
Sunday, 1 Oct 2023
Sunday, 5 Nov 2023
Sunday, 3 Dec 2023

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