Creative Intersections - The Green Capsule x Yen Phang Butterfly Making Workshop

Event details

29 Jan
03:15 PM - 04:45 PM
Only on 29th Jan 2023, 3.15pm

Come learn how to make your own tabletop green sanctuary with The Green Capsule. You’ll learn how to craft your own terrarium (14cm in diameter, materials included).

In conjunction with Singapore Art Week ‘23, you’ll be joined by artist Yen Phang as he creates clay bunnies and butterflies, to accompany your terrariums, referencing his work “Does The Rabbit Dream of The Artist” done for Creative Intersections: In the Year of the Rabbit.

Get closer to greenery and soil; come chat with us about nature, arcadian dreams, and Singapore as garden-city/city-in-a-forest.

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