Esplanade Presents Re-THINGing Gesture in Contemporary Sculptural Practice

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10 Sep - 02 Jan
Re-THINGing Gesture in Contemporary Sculptural Practice presents new and recent works by nine Singaporean artists, Stephanie Jane Burt, Ezzam Rahman, Michael Lee, Vincent Leow, Lim Soo Ngee, Ivan David Ng, Sai (aka Chen Sai Hua Kuan), Grace Tan and Wang Ruobing. While gesture is often associated with the body, this exhibition features object and text-based works that signal a variety of conceptual and embodied meanings through form, content and medium. By foregrounding artistic processes, the works explore our connections to materiality and the quotidian, stemming from personal, social, historical and cultural associations, as well as methods of reception, production and consumption. Alongside the developing overlaps of sculpture and thingness, several works in the exhibition also sit at the interstices of painting, sound and conceptual practices to shed light on sculptural and three-dimensional practice today.

Co-curated by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and Sculpture Society Singapore (SSS), Re-THINGing Gesture in Contemporary Sculptural Practice is a collateral event of SSS’s 20th Anniversary programming. Framed around the curatorial theme “reTHINGing – Sculpture in Singapore 2021” in several exhibitions across Singapore with individual sub-themes, artists are invited to rethink or “reTHING” their work to explore the demarcations between various definitions of sculptural and three-dimensional art within contemporary practice.

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