NCSS Presents Uplift Moods with Personalised Scents – by Oo La Lab

Event details

26 Sep
09:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Now, craft your own ritual fragrance and evoke character, mood and context – at any time or place.

Don’t just kill time at home; experience the “#MFH | Mixology From Home”. Join Oo La Lab’s inaugural online ‘Chemistry of Oo’ workshop to curate your own signature fragrance.

Oo La Lab's eponymous workshop is a 60-minute mixology workshop that unfolds as a highly curated hands-on experience, where you can design your very own crafted fragrance as an Eau de Parfum at your convenience.

You will learn how to link scent to memory and emotions, and use that to create a scent that invokes a kind of feeling/character you want to achieve. This would give you newfound confidence and a stride in your steps.

1. Avoid using strong smelling soap/shampoo or personal perfume on the day so as to enhance your experience in our workshop.
2. Participants who have sensitivities to scents should have a cup of coffee at hand to help clear their olfactory palates.

More Details: 
1. Make a token donation of $10 at, and your contributions will go towards supporting various agencies under Community Chest
2. Register at, within 3 working days. 100% of your donation will go towards helping the vulnerable groups in Singapore, including persons with mental health conditions. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your slot for the workshop upon successful donation and registration.

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