Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Questions

    1. What is eCapitaVoucher?

    CapitaVoucher are now being offered in a digital form via CapitaStar App. The digital version eCapitaVoucher brings convenience as you can purchase it instantly on demand, anytime and anywhere, to give to your loved ones for all occasions. Additionally, CapitaStar members can use your STAR$ to redeem for your favourite gift vouchers in the digital form, available conveniently on the CapitaStar app. Your perfect online gift will never be forgotten as you get your offline purchases across 16 island-wide CapitaLand Managed Malls.

    2. What is the difference between eCapitaVoucher and Physical CapitaVoucher?

    A Voucher may be in physical form as a “CapitaVoucher”, or in digital form as an “eCapitaVoucher” stored on and made available through the CapitaStar App. 

    eCapitaVoucher is the digital form of CapitaVoucher available to purchase or accept via CapitaStar App. eCapitaVoucher is available for:

    • Self-use (Purchase and loaded onto app directly for self-use)

    • Sending as a gift (Unlimited purchase to give as gift to friends)

    • Redeeming eCapitaVoucher using STAR$ (For every 5,000 STAR$®, members can redeem for $5 eCapitaVoucher)

    Physical CapitaVoucher is the physical form of CapitaVoucher available in S$5, S$10 and S$50 denomination in Singapore currency, and valid for 12 months from date of issuance unless otherwise stated. CapitaVouchers can be purchased from our Customer Service Counters/Concierges at any of our participating malls (except Clarke Quay).

    3. What is the validity of my eCapitaVoucher?

    Each eCapitaVoucher is valid for use only during the period commencing on the date of its purchase and ending one (1) year from the date of its purchase. Expiry will start upon date of purchase and not from date of accepting into “My Vouchers->eCapitaVoucher”.

    4. Is the eCapitaVoucher stored in “My Vouchers” transferable, or, convertible to Physical CapitaVoucher or vice versa?

    No, all eCapitaVoucher available in “My Vouchers > eCapitaVoucher” cannot be gifted or transferred to any other person. You cannot exchange from eCapitaVoucher to Physical CapitaVoucher, nor vice versa.

    5. Who shall I contact for more queries?

    Send in your enquiry at or call +65 6631 9931. Otherwise, you may approach our Customer Service Counter of any participating CapitaLand Managed Malls in Singapore.

    6. How do I utilise my eCapitaVoucher at merchants?

    Simply login to your CapitaStar App, go to “My Vouchers>eCapitaVoucher”, select “Use Now” and enter the amount that you want to use under your eCapitaVoucher balance. The maximum amount of eCapitaVoucher you can utilise at every one time is $995. Once confirmed, a QR Code/ Barcode will appear. Show it to the merchant to scan. 

    Once merchant has scanned the QR Code/ Barcode and confirmed, your eCapitaVoucher value will be successful utilised. If you have any balance payment, proceed to pay according to each merchant’s available payment mode.

    7. Where can I utilise my eCapitaVoucher? 

    Click here to see the list of merchants within CapitaLand Managed Malls that you can utilise your eCapitaVouchers at.

    8. Can I refund my eCapitaVoucher? 

    eCapitaVouchers can only be refunded to holder who has accepted the gifted/purchased eCapitaVoucher into their CapitaStar App successfully. Any refunds can be done at the Customer Service Counter located in Bugis+. Holder must present the following to the Customer Service Counter: 

    a. eCapitaVoucher in Holder’s CapitaStar App within his/her mobile device; 

    b. his/her CapitaStar member identification number; and 

    c. his/her identification card or other documentation that CVPL may approve 

    Refunds can be refused in the event of: 

    a. Failure to present documents or information indicated above; 

    b. eCapitaVoucher crossing over 14 days from date of issuance; 

    c. unlawfully obtained, expired, voided, counterfeit or altered eCapitaVouchers as deemed by CVPL 

    d. eCapitaVouchers that was converted with STAR$®

    e. eCapitaVouchers that was issued via marketing and/or promotional purposes (inclusive of mall campaigns, promotions and programmes with CVPL’s partners); 

    f. Re-issued eCapitaVoucher for replacement purposes; or 

    g. The aggregate value of eCapitaVoucher presented exceeds S$995

    Shoppers can refer to CapitaVoucher Terms and Conditions for more information. 

  • Purchasing & Redeeming eCapitaVoucher

    1. How do I purchase eCapitaVoucher?

    To purchase eCapitaVoucher, you will need to be a CapitaStar Member. CapitaStar Members can access their CapitaStar App through their latest iOS or Android devices. 

    2. What are the payment modes available to purchase eCapitaVoucher?

    All American Express local credit cards can be used to purchase eCapitaVoucher. You are required to add your AMEX credit card to “Payments” on CapitaStar App before you can complete your purchase. We are bringing to you more payment options soon.

    3. What is the minimum / maximum purchase of eCapitaVoucher?

    eCapitaVoucher is available in blocks of $5 denomination, with a minimum purchase of $10 and maximum $200, per transaction. The aggregate value of eCapitaVouchers held in a person’s Wallet shall not at any time exceed S$995. CapitaLand Voucher Pte. Ltd. (“CVPL”) will not issue any eCapitaVoucher or allow any activity, transaction or dealing involving any eCapitaVoucher to proceed, if it will result in the aggregate value of eCapitaVouchers held in a person’s Wallet exceeding S$995.

    4. How can I purchase eCapitaVoucher for self-use?

    Simply login to your CapitaStar App, select “Buy eCapitaVoucher” and choose “BUY FOR ME”. Select and confirm the total purchase value and proceed to make payment via StarPay. Your purchased eCapitaVoucher will be stored under “My Vouchers->eCapitaVoucher”, valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

    5. How can I purchase eCapitaVoucher and Gift to a Friend?

    Simply login to your CapitaStar App, select “Buy eCapitaVoucher” and choose “GIFT SOMEONE”. Select and confirm the total purchase value and continue to key-in Recipient Details, which include: (1) Recipient’s Name; (2) Recipient’s Email; (3) Confirm Recipient’s Email; (4) Message for Recipient; and (5) Your Name and proceed to make payment via StarPay. Your eCapitaVoucher gift will be sent via email to the intended recipient. 

    6. How can I redeem eCapitaVoucher via STAR$®?

    With sufficient STAR$® to redeem eCapitaVoucher (from 5,000 STAR$®), simply login to your CapitaStar App, select eCapitaVoucher deal under "See All" deals listing. Scroll to the right on the top navigation bar and tap on "eCapitaVoucher". Select the redemption quantity that you want and proceed. The minimum amount per redemption is $5, and maximum amount is $200. Your redeemed eCapitaVoucher will automatically be accepted and loaded onto “My Vouchers->eCapitaVoucher”. Any eCapitaVoucher redeemed using STAR$® will be loaded into “My Vouchers->eCapitaVoucher” for self-use only and cannot be gifted to any other person. 

    7. How can I check if my eCapitaVoucher purchase is successful?

    There will be a pop up to inform you that your payment is successful, and it will be displayed in “My Vouchers->eCapitaVoucher” with expiry date that is dated 1 year from date of purchase. You can also go to the top left navigation and select “History” to view your eCapitaVoucher transactions history. Your successful eCapitaVoucher purchase will be reflected under “history”.

  • Gifting & Accepting eCapitaVoucher

    1. Why is there only email option to send out my eCapitaVoucher gift?

    Emails are commonly used on mobile these days and anyone can easily access emails to receive eCapitaVoucher gifts. Emails are also less intrusive, secured and can be retrieved at the convenience of the recipient. Best of all, emails provide the aesthetic visual and personalised messages that you want to send to your friend! 

    Meanwhile, we are exploring more options of sending your eCapitaVoucher gifts to your friends, so stay tuned.

    2. I have received eCapitaVoucher as a gift, but it showed that “Vouchers have already been accepted”. Why?

    The eCapitaVoucher gift does not belong to any specific person. If it has been sent to someone else by your friend, it can be accepted by anyone else. Rest assured that the eCapitaVoucher serial number and pin is unique and will never run into the risk of being accepted twice.

    3. I tried to accept eCapitaVoucher, but it showed that “My Vouchers” exceeded $995. Why? 

    The aggregate value of eCapitaVouchers held in a person’s Wallet shall not at any time exceed S$995. Spend your available eCapitaVouchers before accepting more eCapitaVouchers.

    4. How many eCapitaVoucher can I send out daily? 

    There is no limit as to how many people you can send out to. The maximum value you can send per transaction is $200 and the maximum wallet amount for each person for acceptance is $995.

    5. How can I check if my friend already accepted my eCapitaVoucher gift?

    At the bottom of “My Vouchers>eCapitaVoucher>Bought for others”, you will see a list of recipients that you have sent gifts to. You will be able to see the receiver, amount and status, which include: Accepted, To be Accepted and Expired.

    6. How can I send a reminder to my friend to accept my eCapitaVoucher gift?

    At the bottom of the “My Vouchers>eCapitaVoucher>Bought for others”, tap on your friend’s name and select “remind this person” to send a reminder to him/her to accept the eCapitaVouchers. 

    7. How can I amend my friend’s email address, if I key in wrongly?

    At the bottom of the “My Vouchers>eCapitaVoucher>Bought for others”, select your friend’s name and select “remind this person” to send another email to him/her.

    8. Can I claim back the eCapitaVoucher that I sent? Can I resend my eCapitaVoucher gift? 

    No, any eCapitaVoucher that has been sent out cannot not be retrieved back. You can however, resend that gift to another friend if the gift has not been accepted by your initial friend.

    9. Can I forward a gift eCapitaVoucher I received to someone else? 

    No, once you have accepted the gift into “My Vouchers>eCapitaVoucher”, you cannot gift it to another person. However, if you have not accepted the gift into “My Vouchers>eCapitaVoucher”, you can forward the email to another person.

    10. How can I accept the eCapitaVoucher that I received from my friend?

    From the gift email you received, click on the link to “accept eCapitaVouchers” and it will open your CapitaStar App. You will be prompted to enter the Voucher Pin which is a six-digit number from your gift email. If you choose not to click the link from your gift email, you can directly enter the voucher serial number and voucher pin onto the app to accept your eCapitaVouchers.

    Alternatively, simply login to your CapitaStar App, select “Vouchers” and select “eCapitaVoucher”. Select “Accept eCapitaVoucher” and select “Scan QR Code”. Scan the QR code from your email and your eCapitaVoucher will automatically be accepted and loaded onto “My Vouchers>eCapitaVoucher”.

  • Navigating on CapitaStar App

    1. How can I view the total amount of eCapitaVoucher that I have?

    On the bottom right side of the CapitaStar App, select “Vouchers” and select “eCapitaVoucher”, you can see the total value of eCapitaVoucher that you have available to use. 

    2. How can I view the validity of my eCapitaVoucher?

    In “My Vouchers>eCapitaVoucher”, all eCapitaVoucher expiry dates are listed down in chronological order, starting from the eCapitaVoucher that will expire first. 

    3. How do I see the transactions I have made using eCapitaVoucher?

    Select “History” from the top left navigation of the CapitaStar App. You can see all your transaction history which include eCapitaVoucher purchases, eCapitaVoucher redemptions using STAR$®, eCapitaVoucher used at merchants and expired eCapitaVoucher (if any).