Aloha Poké

Aloha Poke is the first of its kind in Singapore. Staying true to the Hawaiian heritage, their fish is seasoned to perfection, with each bite taking you back to that perfect sunny day on Waikiki Beach. The crisp vegetables will remind you of the refreshing breeze of the Pacific Ocean. Aloha Poke will keep you grinding (Hawaiian slang for eating like there is no tomorrow) without the guilt factor.
Poké (pronounced “Poh-Kay”) is a Hawaiian staple and the choice food of surfers. Traditional Poké comprises of seasoned Ahi (Tuna) tossed with toasted sesame seeds, sweet onions and scallions. It’s great on its own; but for a heartier meal, it can be consumed over rice and salad. At Aloha our Poké is always prepared fresh with generous amounts of tuna or salmon lightly marinated in secret sauces and topped off with a wide selection of Add-ons and Superfoods.
The secret formula – prepare each bowl with love. Their food is never dressed and is always in its purest form. The objective is sweet and simple, to provide a healthy, tasty meal that is made of the highest quality ingredients.

Taste the Freshness of Hawaii at Aloha Poke

Visit us at our outlets in CapitaLand malls, Westgate and Bugis Junction today!

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