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Dessert Soup , Snow Ice

dessertstory had its start right in Singapore, in 2007, with the aim to provide a space for everyone to savour delectable Asian desserts. From hot nourishing soups and pastes to iced refreshing soups and puddings, there is a sweet treat meant for everyone. Not to mention, dessertstory has since broadened their menu items to include the well-loved fruity and soft snow ice as well as savoury hot snacks. 

Preserving the authentic tastes of traditional Asian desserts and providing a healthier choice at the same time, dessertstory uses natural ingredients, avoids preservatives and sticks to less sweet formulations to cater to every palates. dessertstory’s extensive menu includes classic desserts like Egg Pudding, White Fungus with Red Dates and Longan, or iced favourites such as Mango Snow Ice and Green Tea Snow Ice. Desserts with a Singaporean twist like Milo Snow Ice and Chendol Snow Ice are also featured. Besides desserts, small bites like Yam Cake, Carrot Cake and the popular Taiwan favourite, Popiah with Ice Cream are also available, among others. 

Come pay a visit to dessertstory branch in Singapore for a taste of life’s sweet moments through every spoonful of their desserts today!

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