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English Football Museum (EFM) serves you up a fresh experience in nightlife. It’s a museum, a restaurant, a soccer-themed gaming bar, all the fun you need rolled into one awesome party place. 

Dive into a unique experience of dining within a museum set-up at Clarke Quay, and explore a rare collection of autographed memorabilia from your favourite international football stars. Definitely an instagram-worthy opportunity for the die-hard soccer fan in you.

You could binge for hours over daily live streaming of EPL matches, or enjoy a good game of interactive foosball. No party rules, no dress codes, only fun at English Football Museum.

If your tummy needs some serious refuelling, grab an Iced-Cold Beer and choose from EFM's signature pizza selections- generous topping choices of Char Siew, Roast Pork, Chilli Crab and more ~ crafted to suit your local taste bud!  

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