Fireless Kitchen

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Fireless Kitchen began in 2019 as a new concept eatery in Singapore. Chef Sid aspires to serve up excellent food that is healthy and sustainable, at affordable prices. The eatery prepares all its dishes through the sous vide technique, using BPA-free plastic pouches in a regulated temperature water bath to cook the food. This method preserves the nutrients and vitamins while allowing diners to enjoy naturally enhanced and consistent meals. 

Fireless Kitchen offers a range of hearty Western favourites and you can choose from their curated healthy bowls or create one of your own. Their 12 Hours Sous Vide BBQ Pork Belly is a signature dish that pairs well with their variety of staples like Whole Wheat Pasta, Sweet Purple Potatoes Mash and Brown Rice Pulao. Other proteins like Herb Salmon, Chicken Pesto as well as a vegetarian option, Chili Garlic Tofu are also available. Top the base proteins with companions such as Honey Roasted Pumpkin, Herb Crust Garlic Potato, Balsamic Onion Confit and Miso-glazed Carrots among other choices. Otherwise, opt for their set bowls like Sid’s Summer Salad which consists of watermelon, pineapple and cherry tomato or You Kaled Me that includes Sous Vide Chicken, Kale, Quinoa and Honey Roasted Pumpkin. Choose from 4 kinds of dressing, the Honey Mustard, Basil Vinaigrette, Caesar Dressing and Soy Sesame Vinaigrette to complete your bowl! 

So if you're looking to explore something creative outside of Singapore's food scene, then visit Fireless Kitchen for a fireless fix!



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