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HULURUK is named drawing inspiration from the sound of the Koreans blowing and slurping their noodles; the hearty sound of enjoying a nice warm bowl of myeon. 

This noodle recipe is imparted from an old Korean lady – Halmuni – (Grandmother) Song. She used her own secret recipe and created this unique myeon (noodles) soup. The myeon soup business started out in 1945 when Harabuji – (Grandfather) Park returned from world war II. Life was still very hard even after the war as Harabuji Park would always have to go back to the military base as he was a war solider. In the late 80s, he passed away in an accident. Halmuni Song could not continue the business as it reminded her of her late husband. 

After several years of convincing to Halmuni Song, together with the help of her grand daughter, we finally manage to get a head nod of approval from halmuni Song to start the legendary dish again. We promised that we will spread this dish across the world to let everyone have a taste of this warm and lovely legendary dish.

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