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Japanese Cuisine , Tonkatsu

Did you know… 

Katsu is usually eaten by the Japanese before an important exam or match as the word “katsu” also means “to win”. The next time you have an important event coming up, why not have some tonkatsu for good luck? 

Sink your teeth into crispy golden-brown pork loin cutlets from Imakatsu at The Star Vista and be amazed at how juicy and tender the meat is. 

Originating from Roppongi, Tokyo, the Michelin Guide-featured tonkatsu speciality restaurant prepares its signature dish by breading high quality meat with panko before deep frying it at varying oil temperatures to achieve the perfect tonkatsu.

Imakatsu serves up golden crisp Tonkutsu cutlets with the option of enriched Japanese Curry so that customers can enjoy the best Tonkatsu experience.  Our special frying method, together with our original blended oil, help to seal in the full taste and aroma of the pork, imported straight from the famous Kagoshima prefecture. 

Office workers in Buona Vista and one-north area can get lunch sets from $13.80++ to $19.80++ from 11:30am to 3pm daily. Students can flash their student pass and enjoy Pork Loin Katsu Zen at $12.80++

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