Mula, inspired by the French word 'mouler', which means to mold perfectly into the body, Mulawear was brought about in 2011 as a breakthrough brand that addressed the rise of interest in fitness and healthy lifestyles amongst South Koreans. Mulawear has since then pioneered the athleisure movement in South Korea, becoming the biggest manufacturer of activewear in the country, which has allowed the brand to expand to international markets in the United States, China, Japan, and now, Singapore.

With the brand’s signature Miraculous 6 Year Lifespan Leggings in the forefront, Mulawear is projected to be well received by quality-motivated Singaporean consumers, aiming to surpass the brand love for competitor giants with its extensive athleisure line of both men’s and women’s activewear, as well as accessories such as mats and straps for yoga, and compression socks for high-intensity workouts.



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