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Spacio Hub is an ultimate one-stop hub for holistic health and rejuvenation. At Spacio Hub, we have IVI Aesthetic Clinic, IVI Aesthetic, Yan Sang Tang, and Spacio TCM Wellness. 

IVI Aesthetic Clinic (#04-K1)
IVI Aesthetic Clinic offers a continuously updated array of minimal to non-invasive, FDA-approved, and CE-marked medical aesthetic treatments in Singapore.

IVI Aesthetic (#04-13)
Our obsession with perfect, healthy balanced skin has led to the launch of IVI Aesthetic. Because we believe in correction rather than concealment, our goal is to help customers get healthy skin from within.

Yan Sang Tang (#04-14)
At Yan San Tang, we are more than just a healthcare facility – we are a place of healing rooted in the ancient traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and led by a team of dedicated physicians and therapists who care about restoring balance and harmony to your life.

Spacio TCM Wellness (#04-16)
Embrace the holistic approach to health and wellness with Spacio TCM Wellness. Whether you're seeking relief from specific ailments or simply striving to achieve balance and harmony in your life, Spacio TCM Wellness is your destination for authentic TCM remedies and expert advice.



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