Time flies, do you still remember the dreams you had when you were a child? As the years go by, we slowly grow up to be adults, but remain a kid at heart. Let us take you back and find your best self.

1. Funan cycling track

Riding a bicycle in the mall is no longer a dream! If you like riding bicycles and are tired of the natural scenery of the seaside and parks, come by to Funan and experience a different scenery. Embark on your new journey now!

Address: Funan 107 North Bridge Road, S(179105)

2. Climb Central

Was Spider-Man your childhood hero? Experience the thrill of climbing the wall in Spider-Man fashion! You can now experience it in between shopping with your family and friends. Climb Central has Singapore’s first Kilter Board, to experience a high-intensity short-distance climb!

Address:Funan #B2-21, 107 North Bridge Road, S(179105)

3. The Ark Futsal

Life still goes on and social interactions are still very important for us. A day of shopping, feasting, and ending a perfect day with a hearty friendly football match. How fulfilling it will be!

Address:Funan #07-37, 107 North Bridge Road, S(179105)

4. Cue Guru

Don't want to get sweaty? Then play like a gentleman! Cue Guru also provides high-quality billiard services, allowing you to become a billiard master!

Address:Funan #03-19 to 23, #03-28, 107 North Bridge Road, S(179105)

5. Reality Rift Arena

We believe that everyone is familiar with League of Legends. Reality Rift Arena not only has the best facilities in Singapore, but also an Internet cafe for you to feast on! After all, future world champions cannot be hungry!

Address:Bugis + #05-05, 201 Victoria St, S(188067)


If you feel that there is a lack of human interactions when playing on the computer, then the Battle Bunker is definitely for you! Battle Bunker has all the board games that you can think of. Whether you are playing with your family or visiting the store with friends, it is a good place to relax. It is also a very good place to meet people for the first time, as they have good icebreaker games!

Address:Bugis + #03-16/17, 201 Victoria St, S(188067)

7. Fish@Bugis+

Maybe fishing is the laziest sport in the world! Putting on your earphones, flicking the pole, sitting by the pond, and feeling the breeze~ Fish+ brings this tranquility into the urban area, allowing you to take a moment of rest in the busy city. End of with a nice meal with the fishes and and shrimps you’ve caught!

Address:Bugis + #07-05 to 06, 201 Victoria St, S(188067)

8. Holey Moley Golf Club

Holey Moley Golf Club contains 27 themed golf courses, from popular TV series (such as Game of Thrones and The Simpsons) to epic blockbusters such as E.T. and Jaws. There is also Singapore's exclusive hawker center themed golf course! It’s a cool experience for sure!

Address:Clarke Quay 3B River Valley Rd, S(179024)