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"Nestled within the bustle of Aperia mall (22 Years), Music Dreamer Live! Café(爱琴海民歌餐厅) is the definitive haven for the audiophile listener who seeks to enjoy the finest of Singapore Folk Music. The uniquely comforting cafe is one of the very few, if not only, venue which provides a soothing backdrop that is tobacco and alcohol free, at the same time, giving the discerning audience a wonderful access into the world of heart-warming ballads and good friends. Come step into this relaxing retreat and discover the enchantment that makes up probably the most iconic Folk Music Cafe in the Lion City.
Music Dreamer Live! Café is established to bring to you a stylish and fun setting with a wide variety of Western and Asian dishes and refreshments while be entertained by live unplugged music at evening in Music Dreamer Live! Café.
It is great to hang out with family, colleagues, and friends and shoot the breeze while listening to live music performance."

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