#HelloIAm Content Series with Christabel Chua, Tyen Rasif & Aiken Chia

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05 Jul - 24 Jul
It’s time for Episode 1 of CapitaStar’s #HelloIAm Contest Series! 🎉

Catch our 6 #HelloIAm finalists as they gear up for a beauty and fashion challenge with mentor Christabel & Tyen Rasif! 💄💃

Watch as they learn tips and tricks on how to stay absolutely chic and up their style game to be CapitaStar's next #FashionTrendsetter or #FitnessGuru.

Follow us at CapitaStar or head over to www.capitastar.com/helloiam to find out more about each finalist and keep your eyes peeled for more episode launches through the month of July together with exciting promotions coming your way for CapitaStar LIVE 24/7 on 24th July 2021!

Psst: We're going to be launching awesome CapitaStar exclusives from 19th July, so mark your calendars!

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