Straight Acting by Wild Rice

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14 Oct - 24 Oct
From award-winning playwright Thomas Lim (Grandmother Tongue, Supervision) comes Straight Acting, a hopeful, heartfelt comedy about the drama of trying to keep things straight… when you’re anything but.

All Olivia and Jaime want to do is start a family and make a life together – something they can’t easily do in straight-laced Singapore. To make the system work for them, Olivia and Jaime get their gay best friends, Russell and Jia Ming, in on the act. Together, they pretend to be two happy, heteronormative couples living in wedded bliss.

At first, blending a little fiction into the facts of their lives seems to go well. But things start to fall apart when Jia Ming’s mother visits unexpectedly. Suddenly, the four friends find themselves wondering: is living a lie really living at all?

Bitingly funny, moving and thought-provoking, Straight Acting boldly examines – and redefines – what home truths and family values should mean in Singapore. Don’t miss this sensational new play when it makes its world premiere on the Wild Rice stage this October!

Rating: R18

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