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BaWangChaJi (霸王茶姬), is a teahouse originating from Kunming in China, the land known as the birthplace of tea. 

Tea is one of the oldest cultural treasures ever known, with an extensive history spanning thousands of years. Realizing that cultural heritages continuously face the danger of being forgotten in the rapid modernisation of time, we took it upon ourselves the mission to resuscitate and reintroduce the Chinese tea culture to the world. 

BaWangChaJi's four signature series of beverages, 'Tea Macchiato', 'Fresh Milk Tea', 'Premium Brew Tea’, and 'Fresh Fruit Tea' focus on the quality of the product. 

Using the original and organic tea leaves, fresh milk, and fresh fruits, we aim to achieve a traditional yet contemporary approach to the modern-day everyday beverages made for every type of consumer.

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