Swensen's Swensen’s Mochi-snowskin Ice Cream Mooncakes

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01 Sep - 01 Oct
This Mid-Autumn Festival, Swensen’s is excited to unveil their pioneering mochi-snowskin Ice Cream Mooncakes — new and signature flavours of well-loved Swensen’s ice cream encased in a newly created and delicate mochi-snowskin, a first-of-its-kind hybrid boasting a pleasurably chewy and velvety mouthfeel. 

Look forward to eight delectable flavours this year, including four new ones: the locally inspired Salted Gula Melaka and Kueh Salat; a refreshing and unique option of Grapefruit; and the quintessential Lotus Paste mooncake filling in ice cream form; as well as returning hot sellers such as the famed Sticky Chewy Chocolate; kid’s favourite Cookies ‘N’ Cream; Durian King; as well as traditional and hearty Yam that is sure to please the respected adults and seniors. 

With something for all ages, Swensen’s mochi-snowskin Ice Cream mooncakes are simply perfect for the whole family to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in the comfort and safety of home; or as a gift to a treasured friend. 
Swensen’s mochi-snowskin Ice Cream Mooncakes are priced at $39.80, for a set of four. Single pieces may also be purchased at $10.90 each. These mooncakes are available from now till 1 October 2020.
For more information, please visit http://www.swensens.com.sg.

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