Timberland The ReBOTL Footwear Collection from Timberland

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20 Mar - 30 Apr
Since 2009, 310 million plastic bottles have been recycled and transformed into RPET yarns, which then find a home in Timberland’s footwear designs.
In 2017 alone, Timberland reused the equivalent of 41 million bottles in its products. 

In Timberland, we bring deep awareness of sustainability on what we wear and use. 

• Non-biodegradable PET plastic bottles are collected, shredded and
recycled into material
• This new material can be used to make all kinds of products
• Material contains at least 50% recycled PET
• Did you know since 2009, the equivalent of 310 million plastic water bottles have
found a new life in our products; in 2017 alone, the equivalent of 41 million
plastic water bottles.

Our efforts in reducing carbon footprint also includes using recyclable & sustainable materials in our packaging and paper bags. 
We emphasize on the responsibility of consumers and brands to make mindful choices and create positive environmental change.

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