Bridge+12 NOV 21

Bridge+ FinTech Odyssey

The Bridge+ FinTech Odyssey (BFO) is an annual showcase organised by Bridge+ as part of our participation in the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF). An enabler of the FinTech community, we have hosted and curated a number of FinTech events the past year and would be planning our signature BFO in collaboration with our members and partners.

BFO brings leaders in the FinTech industry together to share insights on the innovations and breakthroughs in the FinTech Sector. Happening from 8th to 12th November 2021 at 79 Robinson Road, our Bridge+ FinTech community members will unveil the current and future “FinTech Impact” they are creating. Through a hybrid format of in-person and livestreaming, you can take part in panel discussions, lab crawls, workshops with safe distancing measures in place. Discussions will be shared online with members of the FinTech community.

Something new about this year’s Bridge+ FinTech Odyssey lab crawl

This year, we are excited to share 2 new initiatives by our member and partner, UOB FinLab and BCG, respectively. In line with this year’s focus of “Forging Business Ahead”, UOB FinLab will be holding a sustainability innovation programme showcasing how SMEs transform their businesses with green technology initiatives as well as sharing of the ways to build lasting sustainable businesses. BCG will also be sharing on innovation opportunities in the financial services, such as future growth opportunities in financial corporate industries.

The overarching theme for the Bridge+ FinTech Odyssey is on “The FinTech Impact”.

We will focus on 3 main areas: Digital Banking, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for FinTech, as well as the ASEAN Tech Summit by UOB FinLab which will feature tech solutions from SMEs across the region.

Technology in the industry has been accelerated by the pandemic and has revolutionised the way financial firms work. The community can look forward to insightful sharing as it unravels how businesses can be scaled through technology and digital transformation. From large corporations to SMEs, expect different perspectives as to how the industry will continue to innovate and push boundaries that will transform the future of FinTech.

If you want to be part of this vibrant FinTech community, come by for the BFO to check out our programmes and space. We look forward to seeing you there.