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Ready-Built Facilities

Premium Spaces in Move-in Condition

Choose from a wide selection of freehold ready-built factories to operationalise your business quickly with minimal fitting-out
and lower investment costs.

  • Sleek, modern frontage with separate loading areas
  • Efficient factory layouts
    - Configurable factory space to meet different operational needs
    - Column-free production area
  • Superior building specifications
    - High floor loading of 15kn/m2
    - High ceiling height of up to 12m
    - High electrical supply of up to 1000amp, 3 phase
  • Choice of semi-detached and detached factories in varying sizes
    - 13,000 sq ft
    - 15,000 sq ft
    - 18,000 sq ft
    - 33,000 sq ft

15,000 sq ft Ready-Built Facility

18,000 sq ft Ready-Built Facility

33,000 sq ft Ready-Built Facility

Efficient and column-free factory layout