A Gan Guo Kui

A Gan Guo Kui was established in 2014 and is a snack brand associated to Shanghai Duochuan Catering Management Co. Their headquarters is currently located in the Xuhui District in Shanghai. A Gan Guo Kui aims to innovate new forms of JingZhou Pot and Pancake snacks that could be enjoyed by both young and old. Already owning more than a thousand outlets in China, A Gan Guo Kui arrived in Singapore preserving at least a thousand years of tradition in making Guo Kui. Guo Kui (锅盔) is a popular street snack in the form of a thin flatbread usually stuffed with various types of fillings. All the Guo Kui from A Gan Guo Kui are flattened and baked using a huge traditional charcoal heated clay oven until the bread is crispy golden brown and the ingredients are cooked. They offer five flavours of Guo Kui: Brown Sugar Red Bean, Coconut, Sichuan Pickled Fish, Preserved Vegetables, and Spicy Beef. For the spice-lovers, the savoury sichuan packs quite the heat in a simple flatbread. If that knocks you down, be sure to cool down with their beverage options like Water Chestnut and Hot Soy Milk. So if you're craving for China's street delicacy in Singapore then look for their outlet in Funan!

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